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For Your Visit

Thank you for choosing Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates. This section provides information on our insurance and billing and downloadable patient forms.

Please bring the following to your first appointment:

  • Completed patient registration form
  • Medical history forms and pertinent past medical records from your primary care physician or previous physician (if applicable)
  • Referral documents from your primary care physician (if applicable)
  • Recent blood work and/or X-ray reports
  • Current billing and insurance information
  • View patient forms here

If medical records are to be sent by your referring physician(s), please call us at (888) 707-6857 to verify that we have received them prior to your visit.

Your First Visit

To prepare for your first appointment, your physician must review any labs, x-rays or previous medical records that are pertinent to your visit with us. We will also need a list of your current prescription and over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements and vitamins. Please arrange to have these forwarded to our office from your current health care provider, and mail or bring to us any records you have at home before your first visit.

In some cases, we will send you a medical history questionnaire and patient registration form. Please fill out these forms and return them to us prior to your first appointment. If the appointment is less than one week away, simply bring the completed forms and medical records with you.

Because we take the confidential nature of your health information very seriously, we will give you our Notice of Privacy Practices. It describes how we may use your health information and outlines your privacy rights under HIPAA, a federal regulation governing patient privacy. We will ask you to sign an acknowledgment that you have received this notice.


You will check-in with the receptionist upon arrival at our office. Be sure to notify us of any changes in your name, address, telephone number, employer, or insurance information. When you receive a new insurance card, please show it to our receptionist. You must also bring any referral forms required by your insurance plan. If we do not have the necessary referrals before your visit, you may have to reschedule your appointment.

Staying on Schedule

We try to stay on schedule as closely as possible, but many factors beyond our control can disrupt the day. When we are running significantly late, we will let you know so you may reschedule your appointment if you choose. You can help us to keep our physicians running on schedule by doing the following:

  • Please arrive with enough time to check-in before your scheduled appointment time. If you are late, we cannot promise you will be seen that day, however we will make every effort to fit you in.
  • When you must cancel an appointment, notify us as soon as possible so we may schedule another patient who is waiting to be seen. We prefer at least 48 hours notice. You may leave a message for an appointment scheduler rather than waiting on the telephone. If you fail to keep an appointment without notifying our office two or more times, we may ask you to seek medical care elsewhere.

All appointments must be scheduled. We do not see walk-in patients.

Mobile Telephone Use

The use of mobile telephones has become so prevalent that it is often disruptive to our operations. There is also some debate as to whether wireless telephones may affect the function of certain medical equipment. We ask that you turn off your mobile phone when you are within our suite. Feel free to use your mobile telephone in the lobby and outside the building. For your convenience, a courtesy telephone for local calls is available in most offices.