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Restech Dx-pH

The Restech Dx-pH Test is a diagnostic test to determine the amount of acid reflux reaching the airway, and helps determine if the reflux is the cause of symptoms such as chronic cough, hoarseness, asthma, etc. It is a simple and comfortable test performed with a small probe containing a pH sensor at the tip. It is placed through the nose until the tip is at the back of the throat—high enough so patients cannot feel it when they speak or swallow. The sensor collects pH data and sends it to a small recorder worn on the belt or over the shoulder.

During the test period (typically 24 hours), the patients can eat normal meals, go to work as usual, exercise and otherwise go on with their daily activities. The Dx-System charts pH levels to document when reflux occurs most frequently, and monitors the severity. With patients’ input, the Dx-System tracks meals, symptoms and the time periods when the patient is upright or lying down. This information helps correlate symptoms and reflux patterns, thus allowing your physician to treat patient’s symptoms more effectively.